With nothing to spare,

You robbed my life with your charm

From hair and  tooth,

To thoughts and ideas

The love of my life 

And the long lost memories

With nothing to spare you –

drained my life 

You are time still

Can’t hold on to yourself.


An outcry for love

‘Love’ the four letter world that sums up every emotion in the world.Great sacrifices,fierce battles and more is done in the name of love.

Some people argue that the mother’s love is the greatest expression of love in the world. Religious pundits are of the belief  that love of God is the greatest love of all.

For instance even athiests search for love in the material world ,in truths and science that exixtsed collaterally in heavens and earths.

If I were to give a synonym for this word,I’ll choose “selfish”.

Love is the supreme act of selfishness.An art of being in Union with yourself and your feelings.

The love of your mother and the love of the Divine is all the  same fantasy wrapped in different colours.

True love is being selfish.When a lover leaves a person he becomes depressed.But in reality he is conquered by the fear of not being loved by someone special.

After all ,we should all accept that in every human being there is a voice crying inside to be loved.

 Love can only be experienced when it is reciprocated by someone or something.



Aren’t you desperate for that big change that you were planning for a long time inside your head?

The change that you always dreamt about, the one in which  everything was perfect and life was a movie directed by you.Well that change is Time .You get to make the choices but only time will define the change.

Definition of time : Your Existence

Cleaning The Mirror

Sleeping hitherto till the sun burns your bum is a delight any day,   not when you are working though!


I woke up today embracing the sun rays which were reluctant to leave me.
None the less i shut the windows killing the light
Closed with curtains!

Sun rays still cut through the curtains.

Anyways I felt better this time around.
I brushed and shaved my beard.
Then I noticed my mirror, it was distorted because of the dust that it collected from outside.

       ~  After a while ~

I cleaned my mirror and I could see a clear reflection of my face.
An undistorted image of myself.
I plugged in my earphones and was lying in my bed,suddenly an insight struck me..
I pulled out the ear buds from my ears and started to think about my conscience.
I couldn’t see anything,it was distorted with dust collected from  the life around me and the life about me.
Unlike my mirror I can’t clean my conscience with a cloth.
Contemplating about my conscience  attracts more dust.
I curtained my conscience with” Masks” which I switch from time to time.

Like the sun rays reaching through my curtains,the dust is getting collected no matter how hard I try to curb them.