When the clock strikes inspiration

Lately,I’ve been toiling with ideas in my head to write something for the blog.

Thoughts were racing with the beats of my heart and I could do nothing but lie still.As I listened to the countless voices meandering inside the head,I almost had a gag reflex.  AAH!!.Sometimes the voices were so loud that I could hear them outside,like a pack of wolves howling together.The cacophony became so intense as if it would rip apart my brains and eat them raw all the while drinking my brain juices.The futile attempts to silence the noise went in vain.

I experimented with reading,music,talking and almost all the other things I do including popping a handful of pain killers which I always kept handy to soothe the nerves that were working over time in double shifts.

When the clock striked four on the dot I woke up from a half awake sleep and went out to the street looking for inspiration.My eyes scanned every detail that it could see.

I had a feeling that all the people were looking at me.I saw myself in their eyes.All of them were holding mirrors against me. Soon,I became the child clinging to his mother’s shoulder,the vagabond who was walking the road of uncertainty,the unemployed youth who always hurried and the blind man who made his moves by sensing the vibrations of the earth with a stick.I never felt so unreal and stagnant. It was like having a panic attack and a very bad episode of depression at the same time.I thought I was dying.I ran down my hand along the region of my chest to make sure that my heart was still there. Hurrying back to my desk I took a pen and started to recycle the same old thoughts.

The clock striked inspiration.



Aren’t you desperate for that big change that you were planning for a long time inside your head?

The change that you always dreamt about, the one in which  everything was perfect and life was a movie directed by you.Well that change is Time .You get to make the choices but only time will define the change.

Definition of time : Your Existence

You’ve got mail!

Dear Mind,

I was reviewing and rewinding the events  in my life. Of course I couldnt recollect every detail.Most of the events involved situations were I considered inaction against action.

As I sit back in my chair and draft this story, memories of joy and sadness flash simultaneously around me.I finally realize that I cannot hold on to either of them.

People . Faces  – I met of lot of people this year,but I couldn’t get a hold on  anyone.I left some of them behind while others voluntarily walked away from me.You know who they are. Of all the people that I loved and hurt knowingly and unknowingly I assure you that I will better myself.

Choices -‘ You cannot make right choices everytime’.My choices defines my existence in this world.

Insecurities and affirmations  – Throughout my life I felt insecure like a  rat trapped in an infinite maze ,until someone magically pulled me out of it only to leave me to a bigger maze later.Without those special people I wouldnt be alive narrating this to you.They are my friends and family.

Virtues and Sin – Today I realize that ‘awareness ‘is the greatest virtue and unawareness the biggest sin.

 I hope you will be vigilant  and be aware of your existence.


Your intellect.

The Writer.

After a long sleep the narcoleptic writer woke up to his senses,though he couldn’t make any sense about anything.His stories are narrated  by filthy drunk  men and concumbines of  heavens who visited him in dreams and forced him to write lies about them.

Hence they are glorified forever in the minds of the people. 

A word written down in the books of men is like millions of permutations and combinations  that can’t cease to exist.


AMC’S ,  spinoff prequel of Breaking Bad, “Better Call Saul” has been garnering wide attention for the popularity and the success of the preceding series Breaking Bad.Since its inception Better Call Saul received praise from critics and audience alike for its cast and plot.Showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have fairly succeeded in offering the fans a decent prequel,but the Die Hard fans of breaking bad  are still hoping for a magical twist or a flash back creating a scope for the return of the celebrated characters of Breaking Bad.

As the Series marched on  to its Second Season this February , the protagonist  Bob Odenkirk recently brushed away the rumours of the return of Walter White. “Stop Hoping for a Walter White Cameo on Better Call Saul”said Bob Odenkirk.

Its indeed a FALSE  Hope that stems from the mind of a die hard “Breaking Bad” fan that somehow the Showrunners will  bring back Walter White to Life, resurrecting him from the death of the Breaking Bad Franchise.In comparison with Breaking Bad ,Better Call Saul may not be  as appealing as  the preceding series.But I feel that it’s not fair to judge the success of something based on its past be it anything from a human being to a TV Spinoff.Breaking Bad was once in a lifetime TV experience and is often voted as the greatest drama series ever made according to many polls,but that does not imply that it is the superlative for the Best TV show ever aired in American Cable History,and at the same time its stupid to draw comparisons between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.First of all both of the series has a different cast and deals with the lives of different people/Though some of the characters makes an appearance in better Call Saul.

Walter White and Saul Goodman are two different individuals.The life of Mr.White is more dramatic and appealing to a middle class man,thanks to Bryan Cranston’s brilliant portrayal of the lead character.On the other hand Saul Goodman,who was a comic relief in Breaking Bad is altogether a different character in Better Call Saul,here he is portrayed as a struggling lawyer who tries to find an equilibrium between Crime and Success,Love and Sacrifice and lots more.

Bob Odenkirk’s acting skills may not be as good as Bryan Cranston’s,but at the same time Odenkirk is more of an entertainer than Bryan Cranston.Let’s not forget that there were times  in Breaking Bad were the series was too melodramatic,maybe the light hearted people loved it,but everyone agrees that Saul Goodman was the only comic relief in the entire show,esp. for people who found it way too realistic.After all Breaking Bad was one of the most realistic painting of life on Television Screen….

Come on,even in real life scenarios “fun” or “pun” is something that is inevitable it also depends upon the way someone perceives it.For example in Roberto Benigni’s 1997 flick ‘Life is Beautiful’,Benigni blends Comedy and Drama at equal ratios to bring together an awesome Cinematic Reaction ,But in Breaking Bad, the Chemistry was altogether  different.The Chemistry teacher only made dangerous Chemical products that often led to destruction and  gave birth to Realistic Drama,maybe that’s the reason why the show runners added Bob Odenkirk to the show,just to add a bit of fun to the  Chemistry.

Better Call Saul is a Black Comedy based on the life of Saul Goodman .The recent stats show that the number of viewers for the episodes of the series is inversely proportional to the critical appreciation of the episodes,In layman terms,Even though the show is getting better and better in terms of quality as every episode progresses,the same is not the case with the viewership,there is a “Visible Decline”.

At the end of the day it is not the critics that decides the success of a show,it is the audience.So I think we  should stop expecting for a Walter White Cameo and accept Better Call Saul in its own Genre by not drawing comparisons with a preceding series.

Dear folks,

Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of the electrical light bulb,but let’s not forget that he  also invented phonograph.Both these devices have different uses, and one cannot say that electrical bulb is the greatest invention.Phonograph revolutionised the Sound and Music Industry.

So, let’s accept Better Call Saul in its right spirit and stop drawing vague comparisons to Breaking Bad.

Just like Edison, Vince Gilligan created both the shows with a different purpose.

PS:I hope that the fate of Better Call Saul won’t be like Firefly.


image courtesy:AMC


Black Out

I almost blacked out when I got there,
Maybe they must have placed me here,
I’m writing slams and plans,
Killing everything in my way,
Spurring spits and blood all over my body,
You fused your spirits into my mind,
Driving me to a dungeon.
Rinsing me with blood.
The blood of the prodigal son,
Now I’m the prodigal son.
Skinning and churning blood out of bodies
Am I still dreaming.
No i ain’t,
I’m writing slams again in water.