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More the poison you inject on those filthy wavy minds,

The more I get infected with hatred

The nerve in my forehead struggles to break free

As the thoughts in my mind transforms to actions set loose,

It cuts through thin air to plot against you 

Till I push you further to the gates guarded by demons.

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When the cross becomes too heavy.            Leave it there for a while,                         Start afresh with no strings attached,

The strings won’t help you hold it on your back,                                                              You have to carry your baggage                    Searching for Gold in rags won’t help either                                                                     Neither the search for God in Demi Human creator.

Rather stop carrying the crosses built by Them

And let them be forced to carry the ones made by you.

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Knock knock

I tapped again and again on the door but was answered by the same reverberation.
The door was closed After a few more worthless trials,I kicked it with all of my power just to hurt my leg with a sprain.

I scooted to my home and was fast Asleep.
*Without realizing the fact that indeed I was tapping on the door of my mind, which was vulnerable and unwilling to open up to its own master who was blinded*

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Greatest Song Ever

The greatest song ever in the world is you singing to yourself about “You, without “You not knowing it”,but still accepting it until you have someone to sing to you from their heart.


But I still like the sound of mine so much that I don’t give a damn about others singing crying their lungs out to get noticed.
I will declare to them:‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice malice.

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Cleaning The Mirror

Sleeping hitherto till the sun burns your bum is a delight any day,   not when you are working though!


I woke up today embracing the sun rays which were reluctant to leave me.
None the less i shut the windows killing the light
Closed with curtains!

Sun rays still cut through the curtains.

Anyways I felt better this time around.
I brushed and shaved my beard.
Then I noticed my mirror, it was distorted because of the dust that it collected from outside.

       ~  After a while ~

I cleaned my mirror and I could see a clear reflection of my face.
An undistorted image of myself.
I plugged in my earphones and was lying in my bed,suddenly an insight struck me..
I pulled out the ear buds from my ears and started to think about my conscience.
I couldn’t see anything,it was distorted with dust collected from  the life around me and the life about me.
Unlike my mirror I can’t clean my conscience with a cloth.
Contemplating about my conscience  attracts more dust.
I curtained my conscience with” Masks” which I switch from time to time.

Like the sun rays reaching through my curtains,the dust is getting collected no matter how hard I try to curb them.