About Her

Clouds gossiped about her,

The moon knew all her secrets
She played with words,

and made a pact with thoughts 

Bring me back the dandelions I brought from work,

She cried with a twerk

Strangled by the sun

Her life was a pun.


Black Out

I almost blacked out when I got there,
Maybe they must have placed me here,
I’m writing slams and plans,
Killing everything in my way,
Spurring spits and blood all over my body,
You fused your spirits into my mind,
Driving me to a dungeon.
Rinsing me with blood.
The blood of the prodigal son,
Now I’m the prodigal son.
Skinning and churning blood out of bodies
Am I still dreaming.
No i ain’t,
I’m writing slams again in water.


I kicked your belly,
Giving you sprains and drains
Welcomed me by kissing my feet,
The same feet that kicked you,
I gave you sleepless nights,
Yet you made me sleep at nights,
I gave you the greatest pain,
Yet you clutched me plain,
I owe  you for your prayers and blessings.
Coz when I look at the stars,
I can only see your face

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